running evolus pencil in fedora with xulrunner incompatibility

the Evolus Pencil is an amazing tool that works as a firefox extension for gui sketching. it is simple and easy to use, and open source. absolutely great!

if you’re a windows user, they have a standalone version of it that works out-of-the-box. however, if you’re using a major linux distro (such as ubuntu, fedora), then probably  Pencil will not work. this could happen because your system very likely will be updated, and unfortunately Pencil still doesn’t works with the most recent version of  xulrunner (a software needed by Firefox). so, neither the standalone or the extension version will work.

if you try to run the standalone version, most likely you will get the following error message:

Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9.1 and 1.9.2.*.

there is, however, a way to overcome this.

  1. go to Pencil’s website and download the “Other GNU/Linux” version.
  2. go to and download the xulrunner (choose between i386 and x86_64).
  3. create a folder and extract Pencil’s package contents inside it, ie., /opt/evolus-pencil
  4. extract the xulrunner to a folder inside Pencil’s folder, ie,/opt/evolus-pencil/xulrunner
now, you can run Pencil from the command line executing /opt/evolus-pencil/pencil.
automatically, the binary will look for the local xulrunner instead of the system’s xulrunner. and that’s it!

2 Comentários on “running evolus pencil in fedora with xulrunner incompatibility”

  1. Aleksandar disse:

    Thanks a lot. Finally I have Pencil on Fedora 15.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this solution.

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