connection through jaybird on fedora 15 linux

I was having some problems to connect to a Firebird database on my linux box. altough the same configuration has worked for my windows environment, clearly it was not the case for linux. it keep throwing the “GDS Exception 335544721”. after digging for a while, I discovered a way to make it work. I must say, I installed the JayBird for Mandriva for the .jar and the  .so files. you can download it here.

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chromium behind proxy with gnome shell or gnome 3 on fedora 15

last week I installed chromium on my fedora system at my work. like many companies, there is a proxy and, changing the settings under System settings/Network/Network Proxy was uneffective. setting environment variables as http_proxy and https_proxy was not working as well. so, I needed a more hardcore approach.

I edited the file /usr/share/applications/chromium-browser.desktop and, in the line with “Exec=/usr/bin/chromium-browser %U” I just appended “–proxy-server=http://MY_PROXY_IP:MY_PROXY_PORT” at the end of line. note, you must replace the MY_PROXY_IP and the MY_PROXY_PORT according to your needs.

you must be careful with updates: it’s very unlikely, but this file can be updated and, suddenly, this proxy will cease to work.

UPDATE: alternatively, you can create a local copy of the file /usr/share/applications/chromium-browser.desktop, place it in your desktop and edit it with the proxy settings.

UPDATE 2: there is a far more elegant solution.

  1. logged as root, edit the file /usr/bin/chromium-browser with following the command:
    gedit /usr/bin/chromium-browser
  2. add the following lines on the line 75:
    # proxy settings
    CHROMIUM_FLAGS="$CHROMIUM_FLAGS --proxy-server=MY_PROXY_IP:MY_PROXY_PORT --proxy-bypass-list=,localhost"
  3. replace MY_PROXY_IP and MY_PROXY_PORT with the appropriate values and close and save the file.

and we’re done. of course, these are system-wide settings which can too be overwritten by an update, but I hope the next update will fix this issue with environment variables.